Dear Missionary Friend,


First Baptist Church is a missionary hearted, independent Baptist Church. We believe God's command for the local church is to get the Gospel to the entire world. We at First Baptist Church are doing just that. We believe in soul-winning, visitation, and practice what we preach.


As Pastor, I am very familiar with missions and missionaries. I was on the mission field of Wales, UK for almost ten years. I was on deputation for two years four months and left fully supported for the field. I know personally how hard it is to raise support, especially during these so called tough economic days. GOD IS ABLE!


If you would like to come to First Baptist Church to present your ministry, please give us a call. For obvious reasons we cannot have all who want to come, but we want those who have a clear testimony of missions in their life to present their burden.


Yours for His service,

AW Payne, Pastor