Learn about the Lord

Church is important for everyone, mainly because it is a great place to develop your relationship with God. You will find out what God is like, whether He is concerned about your life specifically, and how you can have a relationship with Him. You'll also learn about the Bible and what it teaches. The messages will make the Bible easy to understand and explain how it applies to life today.

Be Encouraged

We all know that life can be exhausting and stressful, but church is a place of comfort and encouragement. Good friends will be by your side to lift you up, not kick you down, and the promises of God will remind you that He is always there for you. Whether you need an encouraging word or just someone to listen and care, church is the place to go.

Love Others

A church offers many opportunities to serve others, both spiritually and non-spiritually. You'll get the chance to be a friend to someone in need, help at a community work-day, or volunteer for a church ministry or need.